Transportation and how to get to us

Urban public transport

The exhibition centre can be easily reached by public transport and regular transport lines:

  • tram line No. 1
  • trolleys No. 25, 26 and 37
  • buses No. 44, 84 and 52
  • night line No. N97 and N98

By car

On motorways and roads around Brno and also directly in the city, look for signs labelled "BVV" or "Výstaviště" ("Exhibition centre").

For current information about the traffic situation on roads in the Czech Republic see

By train, by bus or by plane

  • You can choose from many routes to Brno from Prague, Bratislava, Vienna and other cities in Europe and the Czech Republic.
  • If you wish to travel by plane, you can currently get to Brno by regular year-round flights from London, Milan and Berlin.

GPS coordinates of individual entrance gates

Main entrance 49°11'18.08"N; 16°35'8.26"E
Entrance to pavilion G2 49°11'25.95"N; 16°34'46.54"E
Gate No. 4 49°11'4.89"N; 16°34'55.61"E
Gate No. 5 49°11'5.57"N; 16°34'33.89"E
Gate No. 7 49°11'14.19"N; 16°34'19.45"E
Gate No. 8 49°11'19.12"N; 16°34'16.97"E
Gate No. 9 49°11'21.05"N; 16°34'10.86"E
Gate No. 10 49°11'27.99"N; 16°34'14.08"E