International Engineering Fair

Digital Factory, Circular Economy – New Topics at the 61st International Engineering Fair

The next edition of the International Engineering Fair will take place at the Brno Exhibition Centre from 7 to 11 October. In odd years, it inherently runs in concurrence with the Transport & Logistics International Transport and Logistics Fair and the ENVITECH International Fair for Environmental Protection Technologies. The organizers expect the participation of approximately 1,600 exhibiting companies and at least 80,000 trade visitors.

MSV as a mirror of the Czech economy

The largest and most important domestic trade fair event is entering the seventh decade of its existence in excellent condition. The Czech economy is doing well, the industry is running on full throttle and demand for participation in MSV has been enormous in recent years. In order to satisfy all requirements on the exhibition area, the Brno Exhibition Centre would need another hall to be built. More than half of the exhibiting companies are coming from abroad and MSV is attracting more and more trade visitors from both the neighbouring and the more distant countries.

New themes in the trade fair nomenclature

Over the past few years, the main topic of MSV has been Industry 4.0, meaning automation, robotics and digitisation. In recent years, this topic has also moved from conference rooms to exhibition displays, where individual exhibitors show specific labour-saving solutions, which increase work productivity and added value. For the next year, we decided to expand the main topic. Since the digitisation of industrial production is one of the main directions of the innovation process and a necessary condition for success, the main theme of the trade fair will be Industry 4.0 and Digital Factory. We have prepared an opportunity for the exhibitors to participate actively in the digitisation of industrial manufacturing on the Czech market and abroad, a chance to reach out to a wide range of industrial companies and a possibility to benefit from significant media support to the topic. "We would also like to support beginning innovation companies and start-ups," said Michalis Busios, director of the event. "Another topic highlighted will be Investment Opportunities – Start-up Projects, New Ideas and Innovation as an Opportunity."

The ENVITECH nomenclature also includes a new sector, which at the same time will be the main and highlighted topic of the event. It is the Circular Economy, a trend that is one of the priority areas of sustainable development and adaptation of industry and trade.

The structure of the MSV itself remains preserved and the trade fair is once again divided into sectors representing all key areas of mechanical and electrical engineering industry. There are also specialised exhibition events promoting 3D printing, robotics or co-operation between industry and universities (Technology and Innovation Transfer). The fair will again feature the MSV Gold Medal Competition for the best innovative exhibits and an extensive professional sideline programme.

Looking back at MSV 2018

The last season of the International Engineering Fair was attended by 1,651 exhibiting companies from 32 countries, with a share of international participants reaching 49%. The exhibition stands were visited by 80,937 visitors from 57 countries, with 7,747 registered visitors from abroad, i.e. 9.6% of the total. 280 journalists from seven countries were accredited at the fair.

A traditional satisfaction survey among visitors and exhibitors at MSV 2018 was conducted by the Ipsos agency. Satisfaction of visitors and exhibitors still remains high. Positive to highest satisfaction among exhibitors grew year on year from 84% to 96%. The percentage of definitely satisfied visitors grew year on year from 89% to 94%. It is the best result in the last 5 years. There were hardly any disappointed visitors. The benefit of the trade fair for participating companies remains positive and keeps developing very well. Compared to the last year, the benefit for international exhibitors grew. The share of contacts established has not changed against the previous season. This year, exhibitors established more contacts with foreign visitors. As in previous years, the largest share of exhibited products came from abroad.

Sign up by the end of March

The 61st International Engineering Fair will take place from 7 to 11 October 2019 and the deadline for exhibitors' registrations, associated with an early sign-up discount, is scheduled for 31 March 2019. In the past years, the most attractive areas were sold out long months prior to the event, hence exhibitors  should not hesitate for long with their registration. The easiest way to sign up is by doing so electronically at

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