Intelligent transport technologies and innovation in smart mobility to be presented in Brno next year

Passenger mobility and transportation of goods are key factors in the functioning and prosperity of today's society. Further development of transport in the Czech Republic will be influenced by common European goals, especially concerning climate protection, innovation and digitization.

Trade Fairs Brno, under the auspices of the Mayor of Brno Markéta Vaňková, and the Transport Councilor Petr Kratochvíl, together with expert partners in the field of transport, will organize an expo entitled FUTURE MOBILITY from 2 to 4 June 2022. The expo will showcase solutions for the mobility of the future and a platform aimed at exchanging information, education, exchange of knowledge, experience and creating conditions for faster introduction of latest technologies in transport. The use of new drives and clean energy, ICT technologies, artificial intelligence features and the application of innovative concepts of organization and management will change this sector soon, enabling goods and people to be carried faster, safer, with a lower carbon footprint, more efficiently and more comfortably.

The main idea of ​​FUTURE MOBILITY can therefore be described as not only clean drives, but above all a new transport system based on sharing, automation and digital technologies will bring change resulting in a significant reduction in emissions, shorter travel times, higher quality, comfort, safety, and less dependence on the human factor.

FUTURE MOBILITY will be held concurrently with the URBIS SMART CITY FAIR. This is where technologies for smart cities, including transport solutions, have been presented for several years already. In 2021, completion of the C-ROADS project was a part of the expo; as its outcome, there are C-ITS systems implemented in many European countries, including the Czech Republic. FUTURE MOBILITY naturally follows up on these projects and builds on the information presented here, as well as on cooperation with partners from previous years.

Brno and its Exhibition Centre are extremely suitable for the presentation of advanced transport solutions. Brno is one of the leading European cities in the implementation of cooperative C-ITS systems; the Exhibition Centre, thanks to its layout, enables live demonstrations of transport technologies and means of transport, including simulations of real-life road traffic situations.

FUTURE MOBILITY 2022 will consist of an exhibition, demonstrations and a trade conference entitled "Mobility as a service for 21st century cities", which will take place on Thursday and Friday. On Friday afternoon and Saturday, the expo will be open to the public, which can thus learn about the future of mobility, especially through demonstrations staged in outdoor areas.

The planned location of the conference part of the expo is in Hall E alongside the URBIS fair, which will enable programme alignment of both conferences; demonstrations of specific solutions will take place in the open areas between Halls B, C and A, exhibitors' displays will be placed in Hall B.


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