A record-breaking number of 91 exhibits fought this year for the GRAND PRIX Awards of the Techagro, Biomass and Silva Regina fairs. An eighteen-member jury, headed by its chairman Jiří Mašek, the Dean of the Czech University of Agriculture in Prague, eventually selected 17 of them. Prizes and plaques were handed over at the ceremonial evening together with the Minister of Agriculture Jiří Milek, and with Jiří Kuliš, CEO and Chairman of the Board of the company Trade Fairs Brno.

Three exhibits then received the first Soil Water Retention Friendly award ever; it is given to machines or technologies that help retain water in the landscape.


VALTRA T245V - Smart Touch

Manufacturer: VALTRA Oy Ab, Finland
Exhibitor: TOPAGRI s.r.o.

Assessment by the Jury: The VALTRA T254 Versu tractor has a modern design and comes with a new SmartTouch armrest with a touch-sensitive 9-inch display that allows the driver to control and adjust the parameters of the engine, the gearbox and the hydraulic system. It integrates control of all the latest precision farming systems – Navigation, ISObus, AgControl, TaskDoc and image from the connected camera. Working with SmartTouch is simple, intuitive, increases the productivity of the equipment aggregated with the tractor and reduces the workload of the operator.

CASE IH Quadtrac CVX

Manufacturer: CNH Industrial Österreich GmbH
Exhibitor: AGRI CS a.s.

Assessment by the Jury:  The CASE IH Quadtrac CVX tractor is based on the successful QUADTRAC four-track chassis concept, which is also equipped with a CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) gearbox with a smooth gear change. The proven concept of four independent track units together with the articulated system ensures permanent contact between the tracks and the ground to ensure optimum traction force and reduces unwanted soil compaction. The transmission organs are designed to transmit power to the track units only mechanically at speeds of up to 10 km per hour, which guarantees high traction efficiency. The tractor is equipped with an APM Automatic Productivity Management system that can optimize engine speed and gear ratio to achieve the lowest fuel consumption.


Manufacturer: CLAAS KGaA mbH
Exhibitor: AGRALL zemědělská technika a. s.
Award received by: Josef Trávníček, Chairman of the Board of the company AGRALL

Assessment by the Jury:  The CLAAS CEMOS AUTO THRESHING software, with the LEXION combine harvester is equipped, is a harvesting automation feature that covers and connects the CMOS AUTOMATIC and AUTO TRESHING automatic systems. The Artificial Intelligence of the CEMOS AUTOMATIC system enables the LEXION combine harvester to find its own optimum settings for each of the machine's functional parts, thereby constantly adapting to field conditions. The AUTO THRESHING system allows for optimum settings of the threshing machine for the currently harvested crop in terms of grain quality and purity. All this is in line with the running speed and fuel consumption.

Automatic functions of the JOHN DEERE S700 combine harvester – Interactive Combine Adjustment 2 (ICA2) and ActiveYield

Manufacturer: John Deere Werke Zweibruecken
Exhibitor: STROM PRAHA a.s.
Award received by: Jiří Ptáčník, Product Manager for John Deere combine harvesters

Assessment by the Jury: The JOHN DEERE series S700 combine harvesters bring to the market two major innovations in the sense of automation of combine harvester work that lead to its efficient use. Interactive Combine Adjustment 2 (ICA2) is an integral system for complete automatic optimization of the combine harvester. The system uses information on grain purity and quality, composition and amount of yield and information on losses. All available data are automatically evaluated and software algorithms decide to make the necessary changes in the settings of all functional parts of the combine. Active Yield is a system that automatically performs continuous calibration of the yield meter without any operator input. Thanks to the ICA2 system, even not really experienced operators can maintain the required quality of work and benefit from the machine's potential.

Mirobot 3.0

Manufacturer: SERMAP
Exhibitor: AGRICO s.r.o.
Award received by: Karel Bařinka, Sales Representative of the company, and Michal Karmazín, Sales Manager

Assessment by the Jury:  Mirobot 3.0 is a robotic device for evacuation of excrements from stables for cattle. It is capable of removing both liquid excrements from non-litter stables and cowshed manure with high straw content. The device is programmable and controllable by means of remote access. It works automatically without the need to move the animals and open barriers.


Manufacturer: Dairymaster, Ireland
Exhibitor: MERKANTA INTERNATIONAL spol. s r.o.

Assessment by the Jury:  Heat, feeding, rumination and health monitoring of dairy cattle. The system is usable both in a stable and on pastures and thanks to its effective antenna it has a range of up to 5 km. Information is transmitted every 15 minutes to the computer and is made accessible via the internet. The system significantly improves the management of the breeding and contributes to the improvement of health, production and reproduction.

Evaluation of field experiments by means of drones

Manufacturer: Survia s.r.o.
Exhibitor: Survia s.r.o.
Award received by: Viktor Setnický and Petr Lněnička, managers of the company Survia

Assessment by the Jury:  It is a modern technology using the latest findings of spectral analysis of the plants. The data obtained are then evaluated on the basis of developed algorithms. The end user has a basis available for a thorough analysis of the state of the plants on the monitored plots of land. The working group is able to monitor hundreds of hectares a day.

Maps of resistance of rapeseed pests against active agents of insecticides

Manufacturer: Ing. Marek Seidenglanz, Ing. Jaroslav Šafář, Ph.D., Ing. Mgr. Eva Hrudová, Ph.D., Prof. RNDr František Kocourek, CSc., Ing. Pavel Kolařík, Doc. Ing. Jiří Rotrekl, CSc., Ing. Jiří Havel, CSc., Ing. Ján Táncik, Ph.D., Mgr. Martina Sojneková - Agritec Plant Research, s. r. o.
Exhibitor: Agritec Plant Research, s. r. o.
Award received by: Prokop Šmirous, Director and Manager of the company

Assessment by the Jury:  It is a modern technology using the latest findings of spectral analysis of the plants. The data obtained is then evaluated on the basis of developed algorithms. The end user has a basis available for a thorough analysis of the state of the plants on the monitored plots of land. The working group is able to monitor hundreds of hectares a day.

ECO TILLER 600 – machine for strip tillage (Strip Till)

Manufacturer: P&L, spol. s r.o.
Exhibitor: P&L, spol. s r.o.

Assessment by the Jury:  Strip tillage is a promising technology especially for broad-leaved crops. The machine is characterized by its own modular design of working tools along with a unique solution of cleaning wheels. The machine is designed not only for primary treatment of soil in strips, but also for additional sowing and application of fertilizers. The machine is also suitable for use as part of anti-erosion measures.

AZURIT 9/8.75 KD Lemken

Manufacturer: LEMKEN GmbH & Co. KG
Exhibitor: LEMKEN CZECH s.r.o.

Assessment by the Jury:  The proposed precision seed drill design innovates the way of planting broad-leaved crops where the seed is deposited in regular distance with optimal plant growth conditions. It is a two-row sowing with simultaneous application of fertilizer between the two rows. Additionally, the machine allows for effective placing of twin sub-rows.


Manufacturer: APV - Technische Produkte GmbH
Exhibitor: Agrozet České Budějovice a.s.

Assessment by the Jury:  The simultaneous sowing of two crops with different seed qualities represents a considerable technical problem. The machine allows a volume-variable separation of the hopper chamber according to the sown crops. At the same time, it allows independent adjustment of the seed of both crops regardless of the seed parameters using a unique sowing mechanism solution. The machine is designed as a superstructure with the possibility of aggregation for different technologies.

SILOKING TruckLine e.0, eTruck 1408

Manufacturer: SILOKING - Mayer Maschinenbau GmbH
Exhibitor: SILOKING - Mayer Maschinenbau GmbH

Assessment by the Jury: It is a self-propelled feed mixer carriage with a vertical mixer, which has a fully electric drive. It is a compact machine with excellent manoeuvrability, also suitable for stables with limited passage profiles. Its mixing equipment with a volume of 10 cubic metres predetermines the machine for use on small and medium farms.


John Deere 1170G 8W

Manufacturer: John Deere Forestry Oy 
Exhibitor: Merimex s.r.o. 

Assessment by the Jury: A brand-new design of the engine section that enhances the comfort of the operator, the first EURO5 engine in harvester technology, the synchronization of the hydraulic crane control and the reduction of ground pressure thanks to the eight-wheel chassis were, among other things, at first glance a significant technological development leading to the Grand Prix award.

Tractor forwarder LV10 HP

Manufacturer: Agama a.s.
Exhibitor: Agama a.s.

Assessment by the Jury: The Commission very positively assessed the development of the hybrid drive of the timber forwarder, as in the Czech Republic it is a very unique and innovative approach, increasing the operational deployment of the forwarding sets. The adopted concept has a high potential for application with a  large portfolio of end-users who manage small-scale forest properties, where versatile technology is preferred.


Hot water boiler for a mixture of wood and vegetable pellets

Manufacturer: Petrojet Trade s.r.o.
Exhibitor: Petrojet Trade s.r.o.

Assessment by the Jury: This is a hot water boiler designed to burn solid fuels based on wood pellets, agropellets and residual raw materials from agricultural production. The advantage of the boiler lies in the adjustability of its performance over a wide range and its method of combustion by means of a rotary burner, which prevents sintering of ashes on the grate even at high combustion temperatures. The boiler is equipped with a fireproof turnstile against heat perforation and an ash conveyor.


This year, a new competition category was premiered under the title Soil Water Retention Friendly, in which exhibits competing for the Grand Prix could be entered. As the English title suggests, it is an award for the beneficial effects of a machine or technology on soil properties (physical, chemical or biological) leading to an improvement in the soil's water retention function. The jury has decided to award the following products that have met the criteria for this category this year.

Varior 500 – potato hoe machine

Manufacturer: P&L, spol s r.o.
Exhibitor: P&L, spol s r.o.

Assessment by the Jury: The design of the machine is meant for an improvement of the retention capacity of the soil by infiltration of water from precipitation or irrigation. At the same time, it creates suitable conditions for an efficient use of nutrients, including surface and subsurface cultivation of stems and furrows. When using this machine, the soil crust on the surfaces of the steins is disturbed and creates or restores the pits and dams in the non-track furrows.

ECO TILLER 600 – strip tillage machine (Strip Till)

Manufacturer: P&L, spol s r.o.
Exhibitor: P&L, spol s r.o.

Assessment by the Jury: Strip tillage is primarily intended for soil protection, soil water regime improvement and energy savings. The water regime of the soil is affected by the preferential flow of water into the root zone in the strips of the plants. Soil treatment by this machine shows a demonstrable anti-erosion effect, which reduces surface runoff, especially on sloping land.

Deep ripper HEKTOR 3H

Manufacturer: OPaLL-AGRI, s.r.o.
Exhibitor: OPaLL-AGRI, s.r.o.

Assessment by the Jury: By breaking compacted soil layers, the water regime improves. The machine is designed for ripping in the whole workspan. The limitation of the mixing effect of the working implements of the machine predetermines its use for the correction of retention properties of highly compacted soils. The possibility of replacing the rear compaction roller makes it possible to use the machine both on arable land and on permanent grassland.

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