International Engineering Fair

Digital Factory 2.0 is coming. Present your solutions at MSV 2019!

A digital pathway will lead visitors through the phenomena of Industry 4.0, a special action educational stage will open in Hall A1 and an international conference will discuss the future of Czech industry in the digital age. The main theme of MSV 2019 – Digital Factory 2.0 – is open to all those who have something to say about it.

The industry of the future is controlled by artificial intelligence. Communication flows run automatically not only between machines, but are also connected with shipping and sales. Humans only correct these processes and thanks to comprehensive digitization, everything works faster and more efficiently. Products are better and faster to enter the market, where a specific customer can already expect them, because the digital factory allows for consistent customization. The more expensive phase of technical preparation with a number of virtual reality tests and simulations will generously pay back to the company in the next stages of manufacturing and sales. The automotive and aerospace industries already know that it is worthwhile, and digital factories are becoming a reality there. MSV 2019 will show how far other branches of industry are in using these methods.

In Hall A1 we will set out on a Digital Pathway

“We have seen increased interest in the presentation of Industry 4.0 over the last few seasons, when information on the digitization of production processes began to appear on an increasing number of stands. In accordance with the global trend, we logically proceeded to emphasize the topic of the digital factory within the fair,” explains MSV director Michalis Busios the choice of Digital Factory 2.0 as the main theme of this year's fair. “The presentation of the theme will take place on two levels. The first one is a presentation at the existing stands of exhibitors in individual sectoral halls and the second one is a comprehensive presentation of this issue in the form of a separate exhibition called Digital Factory 2.0. Visitors will find the entire exhibition in Hall A1, and I believe it will be an attractive feature of the fair,” says Michalis Busios.

The Digital Factory 2.0 exhibition will concentrate information and solutions focusing on the digital future. Solutions based on deep digital transformation and artificial intelligence will be introduced to increase production efficiency and quality. In the exhibition, the physical space with the exhibits will be interconnected by a digital space in which part of the activities will take place. Through thematic islands, a so-called Digital Pathway will also be created to guide visitors through specific phenomena such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, intelligent robotics and mechatronics, electromobility, crypto security, or new forms of education. The Digital Pathway will also show possible options for further development.

Cyber ​​Events and International Conference

Part of the Digital Factory 2.0 exhibition in Hall A1 will be an action stage designed for Cyber Events – lectures, presentations, round tables and discussions that will be broadcast by Internet TV. Another key point of the Digital Factory 2.0 project will be Lounge E2 in Hall E, where an international conference entitled "Industry 4.0_2nd  Wave" will be held on Wednesday 9 October 2019. Lecturers from the Czech Republic and abroad will discuss topics such as electromobility and autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence in business processes, cyber-physical systems to increase production efficiency or blockchain and its use in industry.

The Digital Factory 2.0 project is open and anyone can get involved in various ways – by presenting a specific solution on the exhibition area, partnering, giving a lecture or presenting on stage. Show that you are ready for a revolution in industrial production and have something to offer to companies! Deadline for signing up to the Digital Factory 2.0 exhibition is 15 July. For detailed information on involvement options, please click here.

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