International Engineering Fair

Waste as a source. Industry steers towards circulatory economy, ENVITECH and MSV will show new trends and opportunities

A careful approach to primary resources, consistent recycling of waste and its re-use, emphasis on service quality and extending service life. Circular economy is an economic and ecological necessity for the future and it is already one of the EU priorities for sustainable development. This principle and the associated business opportunities will be presented to the Czech industry sector at ENVITECH 2019.

On 7 - 11 October 2019, the 61st International Engineering Fair is held in Brno and, alongside it, also the third edition of ENVITECH, the international trade fair of environmental technology. Its main topic will focus on the above-mentioned novelty, the circular economy -  a trend and also the basic principle of sustainable industry that opens up new opportunities for companies. The European Commission estimates that two million new jobs will be created in the EU by 2030 thanks to circular economy. The adoption of circular economy principles is expected to generate annual savings of € 1.8 trillion in Europe by 2030 and a revenue of € 600 billion. Companies that start thinking this way even before the legislation orders it will get ahead of others.

Economy instead of linear growth

According to experts, a transition from linear economy to the circular is unavoidable, because it is the only way to solve the enormous increase in consumption. As early as 2009, world demand for commodities reached 1.5 times the amount that the planet is capable of providing and recovering at a sustainable pace. Europe in particular imports eight times more primary raw materials than it exports today, which, with an increasing global instability, jeopardizes its self-sufficiency and security. It is certain that natural resources will continue to decline, their price will increase and, moreover, their use will probably be subject to higher taxes. That's why it is good for businesses to prepare for this situation in advance, to perceive waste as a resource and to introduce austerity technologies, including the use of secondary raw materials.

New technologies and expert advice

The ENVITECH trade fair wants to present precisely how to get started in using resources responsibly. The circulatory economy section will introduce new technologies for the sorting, recycling and reuse of waste materials. Current issues also include water recirculation and recycling, energy self-sufficiency systems for homes, or upcycling and repair systems. Circular economy is not just waste management, but rather a comprehensive economic and business model that returns to traditional frugality and economy. The mass production of low-cost short-life goods should be replaced by an emphasis on quality and durable products and the end to the artificial shortening of their service life. Eco-design of products counts on their repairs; renting or sharing goods instead of buying them are also trendy.

For a successful transition to a greener economy, companies need to optimize their production processes and invest in them. They can use public support, and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic has programmes aimed at supporting innovative technologies for obtaining, processing and using secondary raw materials. These topics will also be shared at ENVITECH during its supporting programme which is being prepared among others by the Institute of Circular Economy and the Czech Circular Economy Association.

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